Compliance is Key

Summs Skip and Collateral Solutions actively tracks all reported complaints, performance activity, and vendor compliance, in order to minimize our clients’ exposure to risk.

All of our field agents are Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (C.A.R.S. Certified) and meet all industry standards for field agent training in the Asset Recovery Industry.

SSCS understands the importance of being fully compliant in this industry. All employees and agents are trained, educated, and monitored by a Compliance Management System (CMS).

SSCS utilizes an independent, third party monitoring platform, Vendor Transparency Solutions (VTS). VTS performs detailed background checks on all employees, site inspections, verifies insurance, and makes sure that all certifications and vehicle registrations are current within the company. We also utilize VTS for our forwarding service. VTS verifies that all outsourced accounts are being sent to a Licensed Professional Recovery Agent that is fully compliant.